Buzzard's Brew

New Album

2022 | 4 songs

  1. For A minute
  2. Gotta Get Up
  3. Mr. Funky Boy
  4. You Shook Me All Night Long

For A Minute

By Buzzard's Brew, 2022 | 4 songs

Available on:

EP One Night Dance

2021 | 6 songs

  1. One Night Dance
  2. You Ain’t No Good
  3. My Reason
  4. Sleep
  5. Get Down
  6. Unstoppable
  7. You Ain’t No Good (At All) – Live

One Night Dance EP

One Night Dance

By Buzzard's Brew, 2021 | 6 songs

Available on:

Do you like good vibes, dancemoves and funky music?
It's time for a Buzzard's Party!

Buzzard’s Brew is a six-headed disco pop/funk band from the Netherlands. Get back to the 80’s, but with a modern touch. Who doesn’t like a groovy bass line, powerful vocals and a whole lot of energy?

‘It’s just a One Night Dance!’

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    EP Now Available!
    One Night Dance